Friends, welcome. Here, today a dream becomes reality, an unchartered road, that we want to share with you.

The keywords are culture and progress, innovation, well-being. Happiness, for everyone. We live an increasingly complex reality. We witness the constant and unstoppable manner in which our developmental, anthropological and natural habitat is eroded, where religious, ethnic and sexual discrimination are the order of the day. Where the yearn for profit and power subverts the natural order of things and indifference to the relationship between cause and effect, risks creating huge and devastating chain reactions that will damage, more or less permanently, the environment in which we live and all our lives.

Is it possible that there is no way to stem this decay? Is it possible that we cannot embrace decisive, organic, rational solutions of absolute and evolutionary vision, for a real overcoming of the emergencies?

We believe yes, it is possible!

What is then the International Systemic Research Center? A non-profit cultural center, apolitical, comprised of experts with numerous and transversal skills, which full of enthusiasm wish to inspire and encourage dialogue between the various sectors of science. By crossing the boundaries of tradition, we will unify the intents of mathematical, biological and humanistic disciplines, orienting their attitude towards that global and synergistic investigation that leads to authentic innovation and authentic development.

Why should we succeed where many have failed? Because we do not insist on a sadly obvious mistake: the belief that the branches of human knowledge must be separated by rigid boundaries. For us, boundaries do not exist! Everything exists as it relates to something else and nothing exists that is not influenced by this relationship.

Just as the human body is a set of organs independent of each other but unavoidably influenced by mutual action, so our reality is a systemic totality of infinite variables that only if examined in the complexity of their interactions and of the effects they produce, can they be closely understood. The application of such a paradigm to problems infinitely greater than us has been repeatedly addressed, with surprising results.

To inspire us, among others, are the Macy's Conferences by the Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation which, at the turn of the 40s and 60s, brought together some of the brightest minds in the scientific and humanistic worlds around the theme of the harmful isolation between medical, social and technological disciplines; today, that experience is remembered as one of the most fertile and revolutionary in the history of science. And again: Ilya Progogine, Nobel for Physics in 1977 for his discoveries on the irreversibility of the entropic phenomenon in the temporal context, pioneer with Francisco Varela in the hitherto unexplored territory of the Science of Complexity, advocate of the scientific fields as interacting and inseparable systems; Fritjof Capra, an Austrian physicist who has been able to apply the care of the soul to quantum mechanics and to Einstein's discoveries; Jean-Pierre Dupuy, engineer and philosopher engaged in the field of epistemology and cognitive sciences; Humberto Maturana, biologist and sociologist advocate of the battle against the alienation of emotions through the creation of a human place based on reciprocity, created by the interweaving of language and emotions; Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist who has criticized the dogma of unidirectionality in the flow of information coming from DNA nucleus and has deconstructed the overestimation of competitiveness among individuals in Darwin's evolutionary theory, shifting the spotlight on a broader cooperation of organisms in order to ensure survival; Gregg Braden, who investigated the effects of Earth’s magnetism on human genetic heritage, the complexity of eschatological beliefs of the so-called “Phenomenon 2012” and thus returning to a deeper union between spirituality and science; Mauro Ceruti, politician and philosopher among the protagonists in interdisciplinary research on complex systems.

But our intentions cannot be exhausted by the intellectual sphere. The International Systemic Research Center is only a means for philanthropic purposes: our intention is to empower people in their physical, spiritual and mental aspects, as well as support social development by encouraging constructive relationships among peoples for the improvement of living conditions where they are critical and for the elimination of all systems of injustice, oppression and marginalization.

We will begin by setting up a scientific committee made up of the most illustrious names of the academic and institutional worlds; in addition to the already mentioned dialogue between the most diverse branches of human understanding and the circulation of ideas and knowledge in the academic world for a harmonious achievement of widespread prosperity, we will ensure the spreading of such discoveries among civilians through digital and paper publications, conferences, seminars, all to guarantee access to knowledge. We will cooperate with associations having similar purposes to ours; we will organize training projects aimed at supporting individuals in the development of their talents, for their functional integration into society. There will be cultural events that will be an opportunity for people and ideas to meet, the integration of generations and folklore in the appreciation of individual differences.

Our program is therefore divided into different channels of development: on the one hand the more purely scientific approach, with active research and analysis based on the multiplicity of work experiences and with subsequent processing of innovations so that they can be applied in everyday life; on the other hand the more human channel to bring individuals to a deeper awareness of themselves, the environment in which they live and for a spiritual growth in order to increase the wellbeing of the body and of the mind.

Then there is the international goal, incalculable, and therefore all the more glorious because seemingly unreachable: to be proponents of mediation between religions and cultures, for the achievement of the understanding between peoples and thus reaching peace and collective well-being; incrementing sustainability in social, economic and productive fields, for a greater respect of the equilibrium of the world, the anthropic and the natural systems.

But the unreachable is, in fact, nothing if not an illusion. This extraordinary force, this unique constructive fertility of humanity that has proven capable of everything and that for years has been subjugated by parasitism, we want to awaken it, fortify it, we want to see it shine. May the trust between disciplines, good faith, the friendly and mutual exchange of visions and tools to knowledge be the weapons against the decline that everyday assaults in greater depth the souls of our societies. May the International Systemic Research Center be the magical place where every person can give his unique and indispensable contribution to the improvement of the conditions of universal humanity.

It will certainly be, if you will want to walk with us.